iGrow Network is a Social Media Marketing company that provides the best tools, knowledge, compensation and products to grow any business online!


iGrow Network is a Social Media Marketing company that provides the best tools, knowledge, compensation and products to grow any business online!
The social network that PAYS its users
“It” Pays You
The first social network that lets YOU the USER make money sharing pictures like you already do.
Mobile Entrepreneur Magazine
Mobile Entrepreneur Magazine is an internationally published e-magazine that highlights game changing mobile products and services and the Entrepreneurs behind them. Leafit made the cover of the August 2014 issue and features a Q&A session with Leafit Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Sowell.
Coming Soon to Enterprises TV
Hosted by Terry Bradshaw
Enterprises TV, a television show hosted by former athlete and celebrity TV personality Terry Bradshaw, showcases innovative companies in different industries. They were on location July 6, 2014 at Leafit Corporate Headquarters shooting a segment that will air on Fox and Bloomberg Television in the fall of 2014.
Your Ultimate Online Training Resource
Our cutting-edge training and education platform will set you up for success. We teach you the secrets to grow ANY business online.
Facebook Marketing
Facebook is not just for baby pictures any more. It has become a powerful business marketing tool. In this course, iGrow University uncovers not only the social networking opportunities for individuals, but how businesses can take a simple networking application and turn it into a massive lead generation and customer communication platform. From custom landing pages to groups to apps and visitor analysis, you’ll learn all the ins and outs of this versatile and far-reaching social networking application.
Understanding Facebook
Getting Started on Facebook
Understanding Facebook’s Newsfeed Algorithm
Integrating Facebook with Other Efforts
Bonus: Facebook Analytics
Marketing yourself or your business on Facebook
Optimization and guidelines for cover photos and avatars
Utilizing Facebook apps
Highlighting and pinning content
Claiming your vanity URL
Using Facebook social plugins
Data analysis using Facebook’s Insights summary
The Opportunity
A new kind of Social Marketing
We provide the EDUCATION and TOOLS to explode any business, whether online, offline, networking, or traditional – through leveraging and monetizing the power of social networks.
Harness the Power of Learning
iGrow University will help you GROW your social network and business by teaching you how to develop, launch and maintain successful social media campaigns that drive massive traffic to your website!
As an iGrow Associate, you will have the opportunity to market the iGrow University as well as other iGrow Network Products as they launch.
With exclusive rights to market the Leafit social network, our Members have the ability to bring someone to the company as a FREE Affiliate and STILL make money.
Anytime a FREE Affiliate shares a picture on the Leafit network and that Leaf generates a sale, a commission is paid to the FREE Affiliate as well as 9 generations above that Affiliate! With the power of SOCIAL, just imagine how fast your NETWORK will grow and generate eCommerce overrides for YOU!
Join as an iGrow Associate Today And Unlock the Massive Earning Power of Our Network!
Ready, Set… Grow!

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