Payments & Savings in Gold

The world’s oldest asset class and the century’s best performing currency

Buy Gold Easily Within 1% of official gold price.

Store Gold For Free Over 10 physical Brinks locations

Fully Redeemable As 10g Gold Cubes or 1kg Bars.

Send & Receive Gold for Free As payment to & from any BitGold user.

Spend Gold Globally At any point of sales with your BitGold PrepaidCard.

For Sellers

Accept gold from the BitGold network or credit cards.

Fully Insured Insured by The Brinks Company against theft or loss.

Golden Heartâ„¢ Program

Rewards you and your friends for sharing the BitGold experience Simple Pricing Free BitGold Account, Vault Storage, Global Payments 1%

Gold Purchases & Redemptions, Invoicing, Credit Card Processing

Sign up for BitGold with this link and get 0.25 grams of Gold FREE!


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